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ny medical license defense lawyers

New York Medical License Defense Lawyers Choosing to work in healthcare is honorable. Earning a medical license requires a lot of effort because healthcare is a profession that carries significant responsibility. Despite due diligence, your livelihood can be threatened by an accusation of misconduct. When this happens, it can seriously impact your reputation and livelihood. Being accused by a licensing board of misconduct can be devastating, and we’re here to help you navigate the situation.

Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, mental health professionals, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, and many other licensed professionals are subject to a disciplinary investigation. This can involve the New York State Education Department, Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), Office of Professional Discipline (OPD), medical boards, or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

We offer the expertise needed to effectively handle cases that involve healthcare professionals accused of misconduct in the federal and state courts. Accusations against healthcare professionals can be wide-ranging and include Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, no fault fraud, private insurance fraud, drunk driving, diversion of drugs, and patient abuse, among other claims. Our experienced legal team has successfully represented many healthcare professionals during potentially career-ending criminal cases.

The benefits of having a qualified lawyer when accused of misconduct should not be undervalued. You need someone that can walk you through the process and provide guidance each step along the way. While some people assume a hard working and honest healthcare professional will not have to deal with misconduct accusations, that simply is not the case. You can lose what you have worked years to earn, even when it is undeserved. Our goal is to help you save your career after an accusation has been levied against you.

New York Medical License Defense Lawyers

Our experienced lawyers frequently represent both physicians and physician assistants that are before the OPMC. When an investigation has been launched, there is a significant risk of discipline that has the potential to drastically impact your life. If you are a doctor and a disciplinary investigation has been launched due to accusations of professional misconduct, you should have dedicated counsel with proven experience working on your behalf.

New York Nursing License Defense Lawyer

Nursing professionals have a difficult job and are often respected for the work they do in healthcare. Most nurses are overworked and don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for RNs and LPNs to become the subject of an OPD investigation due to accusations of misconduct. When this happens, your livelihood is at stake. This can include claims of negligence, unauthorized practice, diversion of narcotics, or failure to document, among many other accusations. Professional discipline will result from either a guilty plea or being found guilty by a jury.

Protecting Your License

When charged with misconduct, you must protect your professional license. It’s to prevent a conviction, which could mean getting an acquittal after going to trial. In some cases, the only option is negotiating a plea agreement. If that’s the case, you need a lawyer that’s experienced in this area. It’s important to work with a lawyer that can develop a strategy for your case.

Felony Charges

When charged with a felony as a medical professional, this will typically result in a felony conviction with harsher discipline than a misdemeanor. There is a chance that a conditional plea can be negotiated. This will enable you to re-plead to a non-criminal offense or a lesser included offense, which may result in the retroactive removal of the conviction.

Provider Medicaid Fraud Accusation

An accusation and conviction of Medicaid fraud can cause you to be removed as a Medicaid provider. This means you will no longer be able to provide services that are paid by Medicaid, which can be devastating for many healthcare providers.

Mitigating Damages

Allocution is what describes the nature of the crime committed. It is possible to negotiate allocution with the prosecutor to limit your disciplinary exposure. This is a strategy that requires a knowledgeable lawyer that’s capable of skillful negotiations.

In the event that you are investigated for misconduct, call us for consultation immediately. We are here to help you get through this difficult situation