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New York Doctor License Defense Lawyer

As a physician, you’ve worked hard to earn your license. You work hard. Unfortunately, this can all change if you’re accused of misconduct by your licensing board. In your time of need, Spodek Law Group is here to help you. NY physician license defense attorney Todd Spodek has helped many physicians keep their professional license and move on with their career.

At Spodek Law Group, we have years of experience helping doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other licensed professionals at all stages of the disciplinary stage. We can assist with a number of disciplinary bodies, such as the NYS Education Department, OPD, OPMC, medical board, and the DEA.

In addition to helping with licensing issues, we can also handle all aspects of criminal defense. We can handle cases involving healthcare professionals who are accused of criminal misconduct in both state and federal courts. We’ve represented a number of healthcare professionals in criminal cases which could have finished their professional career. There are many examples of issues we can help with, such as healthcare fraud, medicaid fraud, medicare fraud, private insurance fraud, drug diversion, sex crimes, dUI, and more.

Whether you’re accused of misconduct by your employer, or you’re being investigated by a professional board – there’s no reason not to hire a competent attorney at the Spodek Law Group.

The Spodek Law Group routinely helps physicians before the office of professional medical conduct. The OPMC’s function is investigating physicians, and physician assistants, who are licensed in New York for professional misconduct. Doctors who are being investigated by OPMC have great risk of disciplinary action. This can result in life-lasting detriment. If you are under a disciplinary investigation by the OPMC, you need the help of a New York physician license defense attorney – you’ll find this at Spodek Law Group.

Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Being convicted of a crime is one of the types of professional misconduct which can result in a disciplinary issue. In New York, there are two types of crimes: misdemeanors and felonies.

If you’re convicted of either, you could be subject to professional discipline. A conviction means you plead guilty to a crime, or were found guilty of the crime by a jury.

If I am charged, what do I do to protect myself and my license?

The outcome is to avoid a conviction. In many situations, it means going to trial and being acquitted. If your only option is to work out a plea deal, you’ll want a lawyer on your side. Getting a plea deal means your minimize your disciplinary exposure.

I am charged with a felony, now what?

If charged, a felony conviction could result in harsh discipline. It’s possible in some cases to negotiate a conditional plea, which allows you to re-plead to a lesser offense, or sometimes to even a non-criminal offense after some time. This would remove the conviction retroactively.

If a re-pleader isn’t possible, be aware that the nature of your crime matters a lot when your case is reviewed by the OPD.