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Aug 21 2018
Is CBD illegal to possess
The Legal Status Of CBD
There is frequently a question asked by those who start to look into CBD for any reason whatsoever. They want to know if it is something that is legal to possess at all? That is a fair question and one that you should be asking if you are uncertain about something like this.

CBD Is Legal In All Fifty States

The good news for you is that CBD is legal to possess in all fifty states. You can have it on your person at any time, and the fact of the matter is that it is something that is completely different from marijuana itself or hemp. These are differences that are important to remember because you need to know what your legal rights are in different circumstances.

Treating Many Conditions

There are a number of different conditions that CBD has been shown to help work on. It is a lot easier to use some CBD on certain ailments than to go through expensive surgeries or other medical procedures that may be unnecessary and potentially dangerous or painful.

As more becomes known about CBD, people have rushed to obtain more and more of it. This is a big reason why the question about if it is legal or not is something that has been running through the minds of a lot of people. This is the reason why we all need to know about the legality of carrying around a substance like this.

Why Is This Legal?

You must have hemp-derived CBD for this to be something that is legal to possess. It is important that it be hemp-derived for the simple virtue of the fact that this means that it does not have the ability to get you high like marijuana does. The fact that the chemical makeup is different from actual marijuana is what has made the government decide that this is something that we can legally have. True marijuana is not permitted in most states in the country at this stage of the game.

What About Marijuana-Derived CBD?

Sorry but this is a no-go with the government. It is illegal to have marijuana-derived CBD for the simple fact that it would still then contain the possibility of getting you high (the government is always getting in the way of a good time!). That being said, as long as you steer clear of this stuff and go with the hemp-derived versions, you are going to be in the clear and totally safe from legal turmoil.

Just keep yourself educated about the laws and how they are changing across the country. Certain issues may or may not pertain to where you live depending on how marijuana is viewed in your area.

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