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Jun 9 2019
Can you sue for a defective product?

When you buy a product, you should have no qualms about using it. Federal law mandates that all products, such as handbags, waist trainers, come with easy-to-read instructions and warnings. If you followed such instructions to the letter and were still injured as a result of failure, defect, or malfunction...

Jan 26 2019
Don’t Handle Your DUI Case Alone

Driving while drunk can put yourself and everyone else on the road in danger of being hurt or killed. If a person is hurt or killed in an accident that you caused while under the influence, you could be sent to jail or prison for many years. Let’s go over...

Nov 7 2018
Why you need a Criminal Lawyer when Accused of a Crime

The criminal justice system can be a confusing and stressful environment for someone who isn’t acquainted with it. The process of navigating a criminal charge, investigation and trial can be disorienting and hard to understand without competent advice and the support of family, friends and most importantly, learned counsel. Some...

Sep 11 2018
What is a hard money loan?

Real estate investing remains one of the most proven and reliable ways for average Americans to build lasting wealth. While the majority of America’s household wealth is attached to primary residences, income-producing real estate offers even better prospects of acquiring real financial independence. The problem for most people, however, is...

Aug 21 2018
Is CBD illegal to possess

The Legal Status Of CBD There is frequently a question asked by those who start to look into CBD for any reason whatsoever. They want to know if it is something that is legal to possess at all? That is a fair question and one that you should be asking...