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Bronx Welfare Fraud Lawyers

Welfare is a public assistance program to provide you with help with living expenses, food and even doctor visits. There are times when changes in your lifestyle may require assistance from the government. When you are receiving government benefits, you are required to report changes. This could be an increase in income or when a person leaves the household. If you don’t report changes, you can be charged with welfare fraud. If you receive a letter from the The New York Department of Human Services stating that you are under investigation, you should seek out an experienced welfare fraud attorney as soon as possible.

The state of New York has a history of aggressively prosecuting people accused of welfare fraud. This could result in fines, suspension from the program and even jail time if the charges are excessive. There are times when a person could inadvertently leave something off of an application or forget to report things. If this is the case, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible to access your case.

The welfare system can be confusing and complex. The paperwork can sometimes be difficult to fill out and understand. If you are a person who isn’t very familiar with English, you may also make mistakes. Of course, that isn’t fair. But the state of New York makes no concessions because you don’t understand the paperwork.

There are several ways people commit welfare fraud:

  • Failure to report income – This can be receiving money under the table for a part time job and not reporting it.
  • Failure to report all family members – This is often done when individuals receive food stamps. Additional income could lower your payments, so this is one of the number one offenses.
  • Trafficking food stamps – This happens when welfare recipients exchange benefits for money, drugs, beer, cigarettes and other items.

All of these offenses are very serious and can have bad consequences for the offender. There may be some cases where certain things can be explained away, however, the state of New York will leave no stone unturned. This is why you need retain a serious fraud attorney who can help you navigate through this very difficult time in your life.

Welfare fraud accusations are no created in a vacuum. There are times when certain things in the database are red-flagged. If there is something that comes up and the powers that be believe it is fraud, they will launch an investigation. It can actually be something minor. Unfortunately, there have been many people caught up in welfare fraud investigations, who have done nothing wrong. In the government’s zeal to prosecute repeat offenders who cause the system to be greatly overtaxed, innocent people have been accused.

The first step after you have been served with investigation paperwork is a hearing. This is where many people go wrong. The government is not there to help you. You may say many things to incriminate yourself, which will land you in even more trouble.

If you are charged with welfare fraud, contact an attorney. You don’t need to talk to the cops, investigators or anyone else about your case. Your attorney will do all the talking for you. They know the ins and outs of the system. Let them present your case for you so that you have an honest chance of beating the charge. As the saying goes, “a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” Call an attorney today to find out your options. In most cases, consultations are free.

The sooner you get help, the better chance you have in seeing a positive outcome.