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Bronx Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. The statistics have become even murkier, though, since some states have legalized even recreational marijuana use. What constitutes possession differs by state. Some states allow a person to possess a small amount of marijuana for personal use, and it’s perfectly fine and legal to possess that small amount. If the amount is more than that, though, the state can act to file criminal charges. Some states also have medical marijuana laws that make it perfectly legal to possess marijuana for medical reasons (such as cancer patients who need the drug for pain). Arrests in these cases can easily be defended by good lawyers.

If you are unlucky enough to be charged with illegally possessing marijuana, the state or federal arresting agency has the burden of proving that you willfully and intentionally possessed an improper amount of marijuana. Your defense lawyer will try to create reasonable doubt that you possessed marijuana illegally. We have a wide number of defenses that we can use for this purpose.

Penalties For Marijuana Possession

Your penalty will depend on whether or not you were arrested by a state or federal agencies. Penalties for federal crimes tend to be much more serious and stepper, plus you must serve a greater percentage of your jail time for federal crimes. If you’re arrested by a state agency, it’s likely that they searched your person or vehicle or residence and found marijuana. If you’re arrested by a federal authority, it’s usually a much bigger deal. For example, they might have suspected that you were in possession of a large amount of marijuana or that you were purchasing from a dealer under investigation for trafficking.

Possession is legal in small amounts in only 5 territories: Alaska, Washington, D.C>, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Once again, only small amounts are allowable by law. Possession of a smaller amount can mean a misdemeanor but a drug charge can carry serious consequences and whenever possible you should obtain a lawyer to beat a misdemeanor charge as well.

Common penalties for marijuana possession include:

– Fines (Up to $2,000)
– Jail (Less than a year)
– Drug testing programs
– Electronic monitoring in the home
– Drug education classes and help for abuse issues

Marijuana Possession Defenses

Our legal team is a powerful entity against marijuana possession charges, and the glass pipes / perc bongs in your possession. We have many means at our disposal to get your charges dismissed, reduced, or resolved with the best possible outcome for you. If an officer of the law sees a drug in your possession, they can arrest you, but if they illegally search your vehicle or home, we might be able to get your charges dismissed due to illegal search and seizure.

We can also work with the courts to ensure that even a large amount of illegally possessed marijuana gets a favorable outcome for you. For example, we might be able to reduce your sentence to just a fine, or we might be able to agree to a certain period of time in drug education classes as an alternative to jails or fines.

Common defenses include:

– Not knowingly possessing the drug (Someone else had placed it there)
– Illegal search and seizures that resulted in unfair charges
– Entrapment by law enforcement
– Evidence was planted
– You were in legal possession of medical marijuana and accused incorrectly

How We Can Help You

Our lawyers are aggressive in pursuing justice for our clients. We have an entire team ready to go to work in investigating your case and ensuring that you never again have to worry about your charges. We handle everything about your defense. We’ll either get your charges dismissed or reduced to a fairer charge OR we will work to keep you out of jail and either on probation or taking classes to avoid jail time.

We look at every facet of your case and then discuss it at length with you so that you get an outcome YOU are comfortable with. We’re a tireless team of knowledgeable lawyers who believes in our cause and will work for you day and night until your case is resolved favorably. Call us today!