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Bronx Grand Larceny Lawyers

Grand larceny is differentiated from petty larceny in that it is theft OVER a certain dollar amount. For example, in some places grand larceny might be theft over $500 and petty larceny would be theft of an amount under $500. There is a thin line between one and the other but the penalties for grand larceny are exceedingly higher than those for petty larceny. In some states, only larceny is considered as a crime, with varying degrees and definitions that range from misdemeanor larceny to felony larceny. Obviously the penalties for felony larceny will be higher and the criminal record can affect you for the rest of your life.

Grand larceny will also have varying degrees of severity. Stealing $501 worth of things might put you in the category of grand larceny but the penalties probably won’t be as severe as if you steal $5,000 worth of goods. The full definition of grand larceny is expansive and to be able to beat a charge like this, you’ll need a good lawyer by your side.

Penalties For Grand Larceny

If you’re charged with felony grand larceny, you’re going to face over a year in prison, plus hefty fines and possibly restitution to be paid to the person or people you stole from. When you think of larceny, think of it as common theft. That is what it is. It’s walking away with someone property with the intent to “deprive” them of it permanently. The penalties can range from less than a year in jail, in the case of misdemeanors, and over a year in prison for felonies.

In addition to spending time in prison, you might also have a felony on your record that will permanently affect your ability to get a job or rent an apartment. If you’re faced with a felony larceny charge, there’s no excuse not to get a good attorney. In some cases they can have your charges dismissed or reduced or win an acquittal for you in a court of law.

Defenses For Grand Larceny

Like any other charge, the prosecution has the burden of proof. They must show beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime of grand larceny, and if we can create enough doubt in the jury’s mind, your defense will be successful, even if we don’t prove that you DIDN’T commit the act. So our defense team always has this on our side when we go into battle.

Another thing we have on our side are the many larceny defenses that have worked over the years. We know that there are no black and white cases of larceny. There are always other factors at play that can effect the outcome of the case. One common defense: When you took the property, you planned to return it. This doesn’t mean that you felt bad after you stole it and then returned it – that would still be larceny – but that you never intended to deprive the original owner of the property permanently. Sometimes this will be enough to have charged either dropped, reduced, or acquitted in a court of law by a jury of peers.

Our defense team has many different strategies for grand larceny cases that have worked in the past, and chances are your case is no different than the thousands of others that we’ve successfully taken on in the past.

How We Can Help You

Our legal team has combined decades of experience. We’ve seen many grand larceny cases and we’ve successfully tackled them and helped our clients go free. Our primary goal is to keep you out of prison. Even if this means going to trial, we’ll do it. Our defense team is aggressive every step of the way, playing hard ball, and letting the prosecution know that we intend to defend you to the very end of the case. They’re not going to take advantage of a client of ours!

If you’re worried that your current lawyer isn’t doing enough or if you’re at the very beginning of your case, give us a call. We can take a case at any stage of the legal process and help you resolve it successfully.