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Bronx Federal Drug Crime Lawyers

The Federal Controlled Substances Act is a major document to review for lawyers who defend federal drug crimes. This long list of controlled substances makes drug crimes possible on both a state AND federal level, and we all know that federal charges are much more serious. Whereas state crimes are likely to be tried if you’re pulled over and drugs are found in your car, federal drug crimes are usually leveled against people who are under investigation by the DEA and FBI, two federal agencies that often investigate drug crimes. If you are convicted, we can help you with a federal appeals process as well.

Federal crimes are almost always going to be more serious and more deeply investigated than those on a state level, although state law enforcement agencies do have their own major investigations as well. Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to read through this article that explains how a drug crime ends up in a federal court instead of a state court. There’s one obvious one: You’re arrested by a federal agency rather than a state one. At that point, your crime become a federal crime, but the real trick here is that all drug crimes are both federal AND state crimes. Which court you ends up in depends on a lot of things.

Penalties For Federal Drug Crimes

Penalties for federal drug crimes are very harsh. In 1986, federal drug crimes were given mandatory minimum sentences, meaning that judges have less leeway to set you free if they think there were mitigating circumstances in your case. Chances are that if you are convicted of a federal drug crime, you’re looking at:

– Imprisonment
– Fines
– Drug offender classes
– Felony on your record

None of these penalties are pleasant to think of. That’s why you need to make sure that you defend your case as far as you can. And you can only do so much as a defendant. If you feel like you’re going to be charged with a federal drug crime, the sooner you contact an attorney, the better. The attorney can work with federal authorities to ensure that you get a fair deal throughout everything.

Defenses For Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug crimes have their defenses, just like any other drug crime. Your attorneys will sit down with you and interview you and anyone else who is important in your case and then determine if a jury trial is going to benefit you. There are many defenses for drug charges that we can use on your behalf. Perhaps the best idea, though, is to immediately contact our legal offices so that we can let you know the best defense in your particular matter.

If you’ve been charged with possession, there are plenty of defenses for that. You may have been the victim of entrapment or illegal search and seizure. Maybe you weren’t aware that you were in possession of drugs or maybe someone else planted them in your vicinity to get you in trouble. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone was in possession of drugs and had no idea about the matter. Even when you decide you want a plea bargain, we can work with the federal courts to get you the best deal possible and something much better than you would get if you had gone to court on your own.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

No one should face federal drug crime charges on their own. These charges can carry with them years and years in prison. If you let these charges go and simply plead guilty, you are playing with your life. People who care about their life should always contact an attorney. Even if you THINK you’re going to be charged with federal drug crimes, you should have an attorney on your side. Whether the charge is possession, trafficking, or something less common, you need an attorney who can sort through the facts and aggressively work for your best possible outcome.

Before things get out of hand or before you lose control over the situation, contact our law firm. We will immediately go to work for you. All you need to do is set up a free consultation.