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Bronx Drug Selling Lawyers

The penalties for selling drugs are especially harsh in New York, where a near constant problem with drug culture has led to some of the stiffest punishments in the state. Courts especially frown upon people who sell drugs, as they are benefiting financially while at the same time creating an enormous problem for law enforcement and their fellow man. What many prosecutors don’t recognize, though, is the enormous pressure there is on those who are charged with the crime of selling drugs and who fight to regain any sense of normalcy after a charge like this. There are defenses for this crime that so many defendants are unaware of.

Even if you’re charged with selling drugs (trafficking or distributing), you’re going to find that we’re more than capable of handling this charge for you. The defenses for this crime are plentiful and sometimes as simple as, “They got the wrong person.”

Penalties For Drug Selling

The penalties for drug selling in the Bronx are horrifically harsh. You’re looking at perhaps 7 years in prison even on a 1st offense. This should be a sobering enough thought that you immediately contact our legal team before you’re even arraignment. Sometimes you’ll receive an order to appear and know beforehand what the charges are. Other times, we can come to the jail you are in and meet with you free of charge to discuss your case.

Due to the harshness of the penalties, we readily take these cases on. So many people accused of selling drugs are not guilty of the precise crime they’re charged with and others face harsher penalties than they should given their circumstances. Courts can be persudaed to give alternative sentences to just prison and we’re just the legal team to help you stay out of prison. Other penalties include:

– Probation program (For the duration of your sentence length)
– Substance abuse classes and other court ordered classes
– Steep fines
– Prison

Defenses For Drug Selling

Sometimes police perform illegal searches and seizures. We are able to sometimes help our clients get their cases dismissed on that count alone. It’s much more prevalent than you might think. Other administrative errors or mistaken identity can be another defense. In other cases, we leave it to the prosecution to have the burden of proof in these cases. We do everything we can to create reasonable doubt in the mind of a jury and our track record for this is amazingly strong.

In other cases, the government or local law enforcement might have engaged in entrapment, a very serious form of police misconduct that should never be tolerated in one of these cases. Given the harshness of the penalties and the lives that are at stake (Namely yours and anyone else involved), it’s amazing how often entrapment is carried out against our clients. Even if you are guilty, we’re able to mount a sort of defense at sentencing that can help you get on a probationary program and stay out of prison. Our first and primary goal is to always have the case dropped completely whenever possible. If that fails, we’re willing to fight all the way to a jury trial to make sure that you stay out of prison. And even in the unlikely event that you’re convicted, we’ll work to keep you out of prison then, too.

How We Can Help You

Without a lawyer in a case like this, you’re facing a felony charge that may haunt you for the rest of your life. You’ll always be scrutinized more in the future by local law enforcement. Even one felony makes you always a suspect when crimes occur in your area. Don’t risk it! Our lawyers have a remarkable track record at helping people go free after they are charged with the very serious crime of selling drugs. Whether it’s a trafficking charge or distributing, we’re going to aggressively fight for your rights every step of the way and keep you out of prison. No one deserves to lose their freedom over something they feel they aren’t guilty of. Let us help you stay free.