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Bronx Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Most of us think of drug offenses in terms of simple possession offenses, but there are a host of other drug-related legal charges that can make life a nightmare for a defendant. One such charge is “Manufacturing,” which can be a much more serious charge than possession. It is almost always a felony, although in rare instances it can be tried as a misdemeanor charge. If you’re seeking legal advice right now, you could be potentially facing a felony charge. This is the most serious of criminal offenses and will affect your future employment and residential opportunities.

Manufacturing involves the creation of an illegal substance using your own materials, OR the possession of materials with the intent to manufacture the drug. In some cases, those who manufacture the drug will also distribute it, and sometimes these two charges are combined (not always, though). There is plenty to know about manufacturing charges. The more you know, the better.

Penalties For Drug Manufacturing

Once again, the majority of the time this charge will be a felony offense. When you have a felony on your record, you can’t own a firearm, will be turned away for some types of employment, and will sometimes be turned away for apartment or house rentals. You also might have difficulty getting some types of government assistance if it’s a drug charge and this is.

Other penalties include:

– Prison time (As many as 10 years in prison, but more than one)
– Heavy fines
– A permanent felony on your record even after your sentence
– Probation (In best case scenarios)
– Substance abuse treatment (Lengthy times, over a year)

If all of these sound unpleasant, it’s because they are. There’s no need to get this type of prison time for a manufacturing charge. There are diversion programs, probation programs, and drug court programs that can help you stay out of jail, even if you’re guilty of manufacturing. You will likely not get any of the preferable alternatives, though, if you don’t contact a lawyer and let them represent you in your case. Every state has a unique set of laws on drug manufacturing.

Defenses Against Drug Manufacturing Charges

The first most obvious defense is that you weren’t guilty of manufacturing in the first place. You might claim that the chemicals you were in possession of were intended for use in something completely legal (although in some jurisdictions this won’t work because the chemicals are prohibited for personal use anyway). It’s up to the prosecution to prove that you were trying to manufacture drugs. It’s our job to tell YOUR side of the story and let the court know that you were not guilty of the crime you’re accused of.

We can only defend you if you call us. Our free consultation will shed more light on your charges and the ways in which we can defend you against these extremely serious criminal accusations. Many people are scared of getting a felony, and they should be scared enough to call us so that we can defend you. Sometimes police misconduct and other factors can result in the charges being dropped altogether, and the courts are very receptive to alternative punishments to prison, but you have your best chance at avoiding prison only if you call a lawyer today.

How We Can Help You Today

Our experienced team of skilled lawyers are always standing by ready to defend people against manufacturing charges. This is a fairly common accusation by states, and we’re familiar with the various defenses against the crime. Our team will sit down with you in a place where you’re completely comfortable and discuss the details of your arrest and the behavior of the police during your arrest. There are times when police conduct hinders the ability of the prosecution to try the case. Many defendants aren’t even aware of this fact and proceed forward, pleading guilty and getting a lifetime felony on their record.

Don’t make this mistake! Call our legal team today and let us fight for you. It’s your life and it’s important to you… and to us. We want to help you have your best chance at succeeding against your charges and moving forward with your life.