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Bronx Drug Dealing Lawyers

Dealing drugs is a criminal act, and most people are aware of this. The act of having illegal drugs or prescription drugs in your possession to sell to others is a crime, and it’s one that comes with serious consequences. If you or someone you love is arrested for drug possession with the intent to distribute, traffic, or otherwise sell, you need the help of a drug defense attorney right away.

What is Drug Dealing?

If you’re selling drugs for profit, you know you’re breaking the law. However, sometimes you might be guilty of selling drugs without even realizing what you’re doing is wrong. It’s not just illegal drugs that count against you when you’re selling them for money. If you sell even one prescription drug to another person or even give one of your pills to someone it’s not prescribed to, you’re dealing drugs. It’s illegal and you can go to jail, pay fines, and face even more serious consequences for your actions.

Penalties for Dealing Drugs

The law is different in every state, and it is highly dependent on the specifics of each crime. Crimes committed with the intent to distribute or sell drugs are taken seriously in every state. Every state requires those who are guilty of dealing drugs pay fines, spend time in jail, live on probation, and some might be required to perform specific acts of community service.

The timeframe for which a person is required to do any of the above is determined by the guilty party’s previous criminal record, the amount of drugs found on the person when the crime was committed, and the type of crime that was committed. There is no one way to tell someone what might happen and what they might face without specific charges known. However, it’s not uncommon for the minimum sentence for drug dealing to last longer than a year and up to 25 years.

Defenses for Drug Dealing

If you or someone you love is arrested for drug dealing, there is some hope. There are numerous defenses available for you to use, and each one is going to depend on the circumstance of your particular case.

Improper Procedure – Sometimes the police fail to do their job correctly when arresting someone for dealing drugs. This doesn’t make that person innocent of dealing, but it does make their case. Not following proper procedure can cost a prosecutor their entire case, and that’s all it takes for a defense attorney to win a case like this.
Planted Drugs – Unfortunately, it does happen. When someone plants drugs on another person, it could be for various reasons. It might be done in a moment of panic to get themselves out of trouble when they realize the police are looking for drugs. It might be done on purpose to get someone else in trouble so that another person gains something in this situation. It happens all the time.
Someone Else’s Drugs – You might have them on your person, but they’re not yours. Perhaps a friend accidentally dropped them in your car. Perhaps you agreed to carry them for a friend who didn’t want to get in trouble at home. If the drugs weren’t yours, say so. It’s a solid defense.

Call an Attorney for Help

The best first step when you are arrested for drug dealing is to call an experienced attorney for help. An attorney can help you fight your case by listening to the details, going over the police report, and listening to your side of the story. Your attorney then works on your defense for you, and you have a chance to go ahead and fight for your freedom. An attorney knows the law, how it works, and they can spot a law enforcement mistake you might not even realize is a mistake.

Call an attorney to help if you or someone you love was arrested for drug dealing. The best defense is a good attorney who knows the law and how it works. If you want to see yourself go free and have all charges dropped, an attorney is the best option you have to make this happen.