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Nov 10 2020
PPP Loan Fraud Lawyers

PPP Loan Fraud Lawyers If you owned a business that was severely impacted financially by the coronavirus pandemic, you are familiar with the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program, often called the PPP. A part of the CARES Act that would provide loans to businesses so they could continue...

Jul 18 2020
The 8 Importance of a Well-Designed Trade Show Booth

Do you know how important a good trade show booth is? Having a good, designed trade show booth is essential. It enables you to stand out and be recognized. With a well-designed trade booth, you will increase your booth’s traffic and enhance the sale of your services. Here is the...

Apr 3 2020
liable for a defective product injury.

It’s hard to imagine, but defective clothing can result in serious injuries, and even possible death to kids. Most defective clothing cases are linked to one of two problems, either the clothing was manufactured in a way which can lead to the injury, or it is made of material that...

Jan 12 2020
Should I get a business loan to grow my business?

Starting a new business can feel daunting because there’s a lot to consider. Once you get the business going, it will take time, effort and money to grow it. In fact, a common reason why many businesses fail within the first year is because they don’t have the financial resources...

Oct 6 2019
why you need a philadelphia criminal lawyer

The law reaches into many areas of American life. People will need to turn to the law for many different reasons. They need sanction when making matrimonial choices, creating a will and buying a home. A person may also need to have contact with the law when facing other issues...