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Bronx Criminal Attorneys

Spodek Law Group is a Bronx criminal defense law firm with over 40 years of experience. We take our vow to help clients seriously – and we perform our duties with utmost diligence and respect. When your family member, or you, are accused of a crime, you need someone who believes in you – and is here to help you. Most importantly, you need someone who treats your case like it’s their own. We are that firm – we treat you like family all the time.

If you are accused of a crime, the first thing you should do is call the Spodek Law Group. We have offices all over NYC and Long Island – which makes it easy for you to get legal help. Most importantly, we offer a risk free consultation. When you hire us, you work with one of our senior partners, who are assigned to your case to help you. Most importantly, you are working with a firm who has a 99% success rate when it comes to improving the odds of a better outcome.

We have over 40 years of experience as a New York criminal defense law firm.

We are respected by other attorneys, judges, and prosecutors alike for our results.

We offer flexible payment plans. That means money isn’t an issue when hiring us.

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  • 5 Star Yelp Rating

    We’re one of the few firms to have a perfect 5 star yelp rating. Clients love us.

  • 40 Years Experience

    We have over 40 years of experience handling criminal defense cases.

  • Flexible Payment Plans

    We offer flexible payment plans, so you can hire us immediately without worrying about money.

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    Need help? We offer a risk free consultation in person, or over the phone regarding your issue.

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    Todd Spodek is regularly interviewed by the media for his criminal defense expertise.

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    We have offices in NYC, and Long Island, making it easier for you to work with us.

Todd Spodek - Celebrity Attorney

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    Over 40 Years

    We're one of New York's oldest law firms, with over 40 years of experience helping clients in Bronx.
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    Most cases we handle end with a better outcome, get dismissed, or result no jail time for our clients.
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    We offer flexible payment plans, so you can break up your fee into monthly payments. We are very affordable.

We have over 40 years of experience

Our Case Results

  • DUI (.03)

    Client Faced 3 Year in Jail

    All Charges Dismissed
  • DUI (.01)

    Client Faced 3 Year in Jail

    All Charges Dismissed
  • DUI (.02)

    Client Faced 3 Year in Jail

    All Charges Dismissed
  • DUI (.04)

    Client Faced 3 Year in Jail

    All Charges Dismissed
  • DUI (.05)

    Client Faced 3 Year in Jail

    All Charges Dismissed
  • DUI (.06)

    Client Faced 3 Year in Jail

    All Charges Dismissed

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Best Bronx Criminal Lawyers

Being accused of a criminal offense can have a huge impact on your life. Regardless of whether you are accused of a misdemeanor in Bronx, or a more serious felony, you need a Bronx criminal defense lawyer on your side like Todd Spodek – who believes in you, and can help you. At the law offices of Todd Spodek, we handle cases of all sizes – big and small. We treat each and every client like family, with dignity, and respect. We handle all types of criminal defense cases – focusing on getting the best results possible for our clients. When you are facing criminal charges, hiring a private criminal defense lawyer is critical. At our law firm, we work for you, and work to understand your case and give you a fair estimate of what to expect on your case under the law.Let’s face it, being charged with a crime can be frightening, and stressful¬† even if the charges aren’t valid. Consequences of being convicted of a crime can be serious, and financially devastating. It’s critical you know your rights, and secure private counsel who can help you. The Spodek Law Group has over 40 years of experience practicing law in NYC and is qualified to handle your defense case.Our attorneys will tell your side of the story to the judge, jury, and opposing prosecutors. We’ll inform you of your rights under the law, and we’ll fight to have your charges dropped/reduced. Moreover, we’ll work to investigate your case and collect all the evidence and witness testimony. Moreover, you’ll have someone who understands how to win criminal defense cases – which is crucial for success. When arrested, it’s crucial you retain skilled legal help that can defend your case. Facing criminal charges can be difficult. Our law firm gives you a 1:1 legal consultation for all of your legal needs. We begin by meeting you immediately, and giving you a risk free consultation. After we do that, we immediately begin investigating the situation. We understand your side of the story, and then try to find remediating factors which can help get your case dismissed.Being accused of a crime in the Bronx area has the potential to change your life for the worse. You can either spend several years in jail or serve a life sentence. This can create a havoc not only in your life but also in the lives of your loved ones. It is thus important you take necessary steps to defend yourself in court. The first and most important thing you need to do is to understand what you are actually dealing with. This includes knowing which level of crime you are accused of, possible penalties and potential defenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Level of Crime Charges in the Bronx

Crime charges in Bronx are based on the New York State Penal Code. Anyone who violates the laws stipulated in the code is said to have committed a criminal offense. The offenses are categorised into felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies involve serious offenses whose sentences exceed one year. Misdemeanors involve offenses for which a judge may impose a sentence of not less than 15 days but not exceeding one year. Felonies are further divided into class A, B, C, D and E.

Misdemeanors are divided into class A and B.
Class A felonies consist of major crimes such as terrorism, first-degree murder, drug trafficking and arson in the first degree. Class B involves an attempt to commit a class A felony, insurance fraud in the first degree, bribery in the first degree and grand larceny. Class C includes vehicular assault, manslaughter in the second degree, forgery in the first degree and criminal solicitation in the first degree. Class D and E include reckless endangerment, labor trafficking, coercion, identity theft, unlawful imprisonment and computer trespass. Class A misdemeanors include sexual misconduct, petit larceny, theft of services and fraudulent accosting. Class B misdemeanors include issuing bad checks, prostitution and loitering.

Should I hire a public defender or a private bronx criminal attorney

Public defenders are a crucial component of the legal system. They are given, to anyone, and everyone, accused of a crime. The only problem is, public defenders don’t necessarily provide the best defense for clients. Public defenders work for the state, and as a result – aren’t necessarily looking out for your best interest. Because the government pays them – there’s immense questions about where their loyalty lies. Many times, public defenders will pay little to no attention to your Bronx criminal case, because they have too much work on their hands. In addition, public defenders regularly work in a specific court, and they become the ally of the court officials and prosecutors. As a result, the public defender will sometimes choose to maintain his relationship, and not fight hard on your behalf. We highly recommend you hire a private criminal attorney if you can afford to. If you are accused of a crime in Bronx, we encourage you to contact our criminal lawyers. We will do a through and professional investigation of your case.

We are familiar with the Bronx criminal courts, and very aggressive about representing our clients – and will go to trial if needed. We understand how to craft a strong defense against criminal charges. Often, our clients see their cases dismissed, or charges significantly reduced.



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